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Advanced Shamanic Energy Healing Practitioner

Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing; it involves working with the individual's energy field at a very deep level. It recognizes no boundaries between the physical and spiritual world and it encompasses the belief that shamans are intermediaries between the human and the spirit world, until such a time as an intermediary is no longer required.
Shamans aim to treat ailments/illnesses by mending the soul. By alleviating the energy of traumas that have been trapped in memory, affecting the soul/spirit, it restores the physical body of the individual to balance and wholeness.
Shamanism incorporates the healing of all types of dis-ease, be they of a spiritual, emotional, mental or physical nature. Spirit turns its back on no one!!!

Shamanic healing can be appropriate at any time of your life and not just when you have suffered a recognized trauma or loss. It is a very powerful tool to help you access your true potential, offering invaluable guidance and insight from the spirit world, assisting you to restore your own inner-power.

Shamanic Journey and Healing
This process of healing begins with a 15 minute drumming meditation, known as a shamanic journey. This rhythmic drumming allows an energy space for raising the state of consciousness, both for me and for the person seeking healing or guidance. It is a very simple and safe means of getting in touch with your own inner guidance and higher spirit and for receiving guidance from your many spirit guides and helpers.
I have found through experience that by facilitating such a journey for the person to take themselves, at the beginning of the treatment, that the person gained great strength from knowing that they could make contact with divine guidance and intuition, right in the place where they were at.
This guidance can be of a direct or symbolic nature, and a discussion should it be required or desired (by the individual) will follow on its interpretation. Time, pen and paper is provided for the person to make note of their journey, as some information, if not understood at the present time, often becomes clear later on reviewing the notes.

An energy treatment follows to clear all stagnant negative energy that is at present stuck in the person's energy field, causing blockages, not only in one's energy systems (affecting health) but in one's life.
However, it is important to remember that both the decision and the following action of actively seeking help, is where the process of healing really begins, and to recognize your own power in this; for it is at that moment that the negative energy will already have begun to loosen its hold.
It is the same decision and action that allows spirit to come to you, to empower you until once again you reclaim your own inner-power.

The shaman is the facilitator, the spirit is the healer, and it is the spirit that determines the treatment that best suits the individual at that time.
Hence every treatment is unique in this, and even those that require or desire a course of treatments, find that this uniqueness still stands between treatments.

Health is the alignment that we enjoy when we are at one with our own inner power and spirit.

                                     It is good to share this energy with you today!!!

Our inner-power is our power to heal ourselves, to Love and be Loved, to feel real joy, to be strong and courageous. It is our power to be successful, abundant, honest, true to one-self, and to be enthusiastic about life. It is our power to forgive and to accept forgiveness, to give and to receive, to trust ourselves and others. It is the power that recognizes spirit in all things, the power that resides in our natural state of happiness and it is; our birthright.

Our spirit is and will always be, ‘Divine Love within' and it too is our birthright.
It is attuned to our ‘Individual' inner-power's needs and desires.

When we are out of alignment/disempowered (through unintentionally giving our power to others) we disconnect from our own spirit within and we look to these others to provide for us what they cannot, for their spirit is not attuned to our needs and desires.

We are emotional beings and we process our lives emotionally, through reactions to experiences both with self and others.When we are in a place of disempowerment, these experiences can rip us apart, our fears set adrift because we have relinquished all control over them.

Sometimes we convince ourselves, it is an act of Love to give up our inner-power to empower another, but Love would seek no such sacrifice, for Love knows it is no gift of love.
But more often this transference of power comes through trauma, in the form of abuse, victimization, rejection, and fear.

To understand how this happens, we must understand that we are, regardless of our physical density, energy beings. Everything that we know, see or feel is vibrating at a particular frequency of energy that depicts its density. Our emotions, our thoughts about ourselves and the thoughts we emit, all too vibrate at a particular frequency. When you are in alignment with your inner-power, your thoughts and emotions vibrate at a higher frequency that is beneficial to both your body and spirit. This energy connection (between mind, body and spirit) then becomes stronger and is of a stronger force to attract similar energy to you, which is of a very positive nature, as like energy attracts like energy.

When you are out of alignment/dis-empowered (through the trauma of abuse, victimization, rejection, fear, or through confused illusions about the reality of love as a weapon or as a source of manipulation) then your thoughts and emotions about your-self and others will be of a heavy dense negative nature, that is not healthy for your body and spirit.
The effects of this heavy dense energy is easily recognizable; low self-esteem, lack of trust in self and others, pain, illness, loneliness, lack, unhappiness, anger, racism, blame, jealousy, rejection, violence, addiction, self-loathing, revenge, attack on the character of another, or in a multitude of other varieties as negativity is very creative both in its expression and attraction of similar energy to it-self.
You think that you have suffered enough? Believe me, Negativity doesn't think so!!!

But this dense heavy energy is not who you are; it is who you thought yourself to be through experiences with those that were in a place of misalignment.
But hear your spirit now, "It is not who ‘YOU' are!!! You can change your thoughts".

Who you truly are is the beauty that all your inner power expresses. Nobody can take that away from you, not even you, but you do have the freewill not to choose it.
But let me tell you this; that though it may be a long time since you have chosen it, your inner power never goes away. Your God given right to choose it, never goes away and your spirit never abandons you.
It will constantly seek to guide you back to your own inner-power, this path where we now meet, being one of the many that guides you there.
Your physical body is not just a bag of bones thrown together with some meat; it is a living entity that is a living expression of your inner power. It is attuned to your natural state of happiness; it is attuned to your God spirit within.
When you are out of alignment/disempowered, your body too will not abandon you, it will constantly seek to guide you back to your inner power in the only way that it can, it will suffer for you, and if you do not listen, it is willing to die for you. In the face of such love, how can you not take action?

"My Friend, know that anything that diverts you from your own inner-power is given your power. To claim your own power once more; you must reclaim your responsibility for your own happiness from this moment on, and direct your energy there in a positive light. If you seek it, you will find it!!!

I bless your journey and remember that you cannot be in the presence of your own inner-power and spirit and feel anything but ‘Love', it is impossible!!! May the great spirit watch over you always," Christy, Broken Arrow.

About me

It is my honor to be a facilitator of the Great Spirit in assisting you to heal your life, and it is my joy to tell you that in this world filled with many many beings, that you matter!!!


Client comments

My treatment with Christy cleared my energy of many blockages that were draining it and causing much confusion. It released fear, which allowed me to reconnect once more with the self-trust in myself and the universal love/God energy. It gave me the courage to make the choices I needed to change my life, and the courage to accept that if it didn't work out as I planned, I could choose again. ‘Thank you Christy'                      Jenny Wilson.

I have to say that my healing treatment at the weekend has been a life changing experiance for me, i do feel that my own power has been restored, and i cant remember ever feeling this good about myself at any time in my life before, I wish to thank you for this Christy,,               Sandra Crawford


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"It is my hope to meet with you within two weeks of seeking an appointment and I will strive to fulfill this personal undertaking to Spirit, as I believe no soul having the courage to ask, should be left waiting, either for healing or guidance," Christy, Broken Arrow.




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